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Time to Say Goodbye


I am the type of person that if I’m going to do something, I want to do it right. I often find myself telling myself “you’re only cheating yourself” by not doing a final rep or giving it my all at the gym. So, me not making writing blog posts regularly a priority has not gone unnoticed. For a few months I have contemplated retiring from the blogosphere. But, I wanted to blog about the wedding. Then, I wanted to blog about the honeymoon. Then, I worried about losing all of my travel blog posts, which I write in part so that I’ll have a record of those memories beyond photographs.

When I discovered that I can make my blog posts into a book, that was really the deciding factor for me. I can publish a book with my photos and descriptions so I’ll have it forever. There are several companies that provide this service, so I haven’t decided which to go with yet. I WELCOME any suggestions or recommendations.


June 15 marks seven years that I’ve been doing the blogging thing, so that seems like the appropriate time to say goodbye. I just wanted to warn y’all in advance. I don’t like surprises, so I figure some of y’all don’t either. Plus, a deadline will make me really concentrate on composing blog posts for the next couple of weeks. Nothing like a deadline to get your butt in gear, riiiighhttt?


Blogging has been such a fun creative outlet for me, and I’ve loved the “relationships” that I’ve developed with fellow bloggers. It’s so fun to connect and feel like you “know” these people that you’ve met online. Sounds a little creepy when I type it out, but it doesn’t feel creepy. Anyway, I’ll still be around reading everyone’s blogs and keeping up…I just won’t have the pressure/guilt of writing my own.

Thanks to everyone that has ever stopped by and read along!


Everything is Bigger in Texas, Indeed.

Including the high school football stadiums.

Recently, the Texas Supreme Court opined that the mechanism the state of Texas uses to fund our public school system is constitutional. Now mind you, the 100 page opinion also said the system needs “transformational, top-to-bottom reforms that amount to more than Band-Aid on top of Band-Aid.” So, basically, our school funding system meets the bare minimum requirement but is in need of a “transformational” reform. Does that make you scratch your head too??! I think there’s maybe a 2% chance that the school funding system is overhauled when the Texas legislature convenes in January.

According to 2015 census data, the State of New York spends the most per-pupil: $19,818. Where is Texas on the list? #45, spending only $8,299 per-pupil. I guess it’s good that I went to school in Arkansas because they spend $1,000 more per-pupil ranking #34 and spending $9,394 per-pupil.

You know what makes things even worse?? Seeing this article around the time the decision came out. McKinney asked voters to approve a bond package that included a $50.3 million dollar HIGH SCHOOL football stadium.


The proposed stadium


I like football as much as the next person, but this is so incredibly wasteful and idiotic I don’t even know what to say. I imagine voters would never approve $50M in increased teacher’s salaries. But mention football and they’re all over it. HUGE EYEROLL.

Relaxing Weekend

In contrast to last weekend, this weekend was relaxing and made me feel like a productive human being! Friday I joined some friends downtown at Easy Tiger for a birthday happy hour. After that, I headed home. I needed more steps, so I decided to walk to HEB to purchase some chips and salsa, my favorite Friday night dinner. I convinced L to go with me because they typically have wine tasting on Fridays. It was a very sad moment when we arrived and there was no wine tasting. L called me a liar; he was right.

We sulked back home and opened a bottle of wine at home. And, I decided it was the right time to start Game of Thrones. It’s been on my list for quite some time. L started without me because he started watching after I went to bed, so he’s totally current. I know it’s a show that requires you to pay attention, so I knew I couldn’t start it after heavily drinking or late at night. I also knew that I needed enough time to watch two episodes to really get into it. The stars aligned Friday, and I started GoT and was able to get in three episodes Friday night. It’s as fantastical as everyone said it would be.

Saturday morning we picked up L’s uncle and got to have breakfast with him before taking him to the airport. Then, I forced myself to go to the gym. I had a baditude about it, then I was so glad I went because I had a great workout. After the gym, we walked to our favorite neighborhood restaurant for lunch, then I went to meet Niki to go on a walk along the Greenbelt. I’ve lived in Austin for quite a few years and I, embarrassingly, have never been to the Greenbelt. It has rained a lot recently, so it was super muddy, but it was so beautiful and fun!



If you follow me on snapchat (@heathermlock), you saw our adventure already. We concluded our muddy adventure with froyo: we earned it! After a muddy and exhausting afternoon, I showered and took my place on the couch to watch more GoT. Cooking dinner was out of the question, so we decided on UberEats: Noble Sandwich Company. I cannot believe we haven’t tried this place yet because it was so yummy! I had PBLT – Smoked Pork Belly, Lettuce, Roasted Tomato, and Garlic Mayo – along with brussel sprouts. It was SO GOOD. I’m still thinking about it, it was that good.

Sunday was laundry, errands, dance class, and more GoT. I joined Niki by the pool for a little while for some vitamin D. I also made a pretty yummy turkey meatloaf that we enjoyed with steamed broccoli, wine, and you guessed it: more GoT.

I needed a nothing to do weekend to recharge and feel like a productive member of society. Luckily, I’ll get another one of those this coming weekend, wooooo!

Whirlwind Weekend

Yep, it’s Wednesday, and I’m just now blogging about my weekend. I’ve been busy at work and probably needed some time to recover, so this is what you get.

Friday was pretty low key for me. Two of L’s friends brought over some pizza and beer and they had a big time catching up. I made myself a little bit healthier dinner and had some wine. I’m really not good at doing social things on Fridays, though, so I went to bed pretty early. They probably preferred that, so that they could get on with their shenanigans in peace.

We made great time to Houston and arrived a couple of minutes early for our brunch reservation at Caracol. Lindey & Pablo joined us AND my sorority little sister Ashley and her husband Lee joined us too because they were in town for the same wedding. They had met Lindey & Pablo at our wedding, so it was a fun reunion. The food was delicious. I would definitely recommend Caracol for brunch. After a couple of pitchers of mimosas, we headed back to our hotel to hang out and catch up before it was time to load the shuttle for the wedding. Of course, it started pouring down rain about an hour beforehand. So, the wedding ceremony that was supposed to be outside in a rose garden was inside.

The reception was also supposed to be outside. Luckily, it was easy for them to put us under a tent. What was not easy, though, was being transported from the entrance of the zoo to the tent…150 or so people + 2 golf carts that fit 6-8 = Waiting a long time under the awning to get to the reception. Man did I wish I had brought a pocket flask!

We finally made it and had a fun time catching up with folks and hanging out.


L got pretty tired as the night wore on, so he actually exited early to go back to the hotel. I enjoyed my girl time with my sorority sisters.

After all my fun, I didn’t feel 100% the next day, so thankfully L drove us to San Antonio. We arrived just in time for the graduation to start and watched his cousin graduate with his Master’s Degree. Then, we had some fun family time catching up at a yummy Mexican restaurant after. L had several margs at the restaurant, which meant I had to drive back to Austin. Booooo!

It was quite the packed weekend, but it was fun to see everyone. I was clearly having too much fun because I only managed to take the one photo. Oops!

Startup Awards and Prop 1

Last night, I accompanied L and two of his coworkers to the Austin Chamber’s A-List Awards for startups. Spoiler: their company didn’t win an award. But, I’m sure it was an honor to be nominated. It was an honor for me just to hang out because I think the Moody Theater is a really neat downtown venue with a huge terrace with a nice view. And, while I was there, I noticed Maxwell will be in concert there in July, so if anyone’s interested in going with, let me know!


I excel at forcing grown men to take photos



I cracked up when this award winner started talking about his company that looks at the genetics of dogs

Before the awards portion, they had several speakers. Two of them came off as male body parts. They were complaining about the Prop 1 results (in case you don’t keep up with Austin politics, which I assume is most of you, Uber & Lyft didn’t like the regulations that the Austin city council passed on transportation network companies (TNCs), so they petitioned for a vote to ask citizens whether they were FOR or AGAINST repealing the ordinance. I voted against because I liked the more stringent regulations that the council passed. Uber & Lyft said they would be “forced” to leave if they had to follow the regulations. The measure failed to pass, so they left Austin on Monday.) and dogging on the city council. One of the speakers mentioned that he was an investor in Lyft. NO WONDER YOU’RE SO ANGRY, YOU’RE LOSING MONEY. It was a completely one-sided discussion and made me roll my eyes quite a bit.

Yes, I utilized Uber & Lyft. Yes, I miss them. But, I agreed with the stricter regulations. If the council and these TNCs are able to come to a compromise, great. If not, I’m sure there are plenty of other companies and platforms that will be happy to be abide by the regulations. Including, “Get Me,” which I’ve already downloaded the app for.

I like rules and people/companies that follow the rules. SORRY I’M NOT SORRY.

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